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Hannah Davies ,Cornwall painter


Hannah Davies was born in 1980, in Cambridge. After completing her art foundation there, she moved to Cornwall, where she did a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Falmouth College of Arts, graduating in 2002. Since then, she has continued to paint in Cornwall, where she lives with her husband and two sons, exhibiting her work around the country.

Her oil paintings explore the theme of reflections, and are inspired by reflections of the Cornish seascape and townscape in cafe windows. Hannah’s work creates a mysterious atmosphere by using transparent layers of oil paint, built up slowly, so that each layer is still visible on the canvas.

On the beach, the outgoing tide seems to have left the figures stranded on a vast landscape under a reflected sky.

On a glass surface, inside and outside are merged, mixing private and public spaces, and producing strange and surprising effects, where coffee cups and figures float through sea and sky.

Hannah’s bird paintings use her layering technique to show the bird's flight path tracking across the sky. These paintings explore the elegant shape of the Canada geese that swirl and soar over her studio.



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I'm so honored to have been selected for the 2021 Trinty Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize exhibition!   This is a showcase of contemporary drawing practices from around the world and works were selected from 46 different countries. 

This exhibition will tour the country, starting in London in November. 


I'm now working on my next show in Cambridge. Im painting a series called "Cambridge through the trees" looking at the window reflections through some of Cambridge's beautiful big trees, from the huge beech tree next to Kings College to the mill pond weeping willows. I love the contrast of the organic tree shapes bringing their wild magic onto the interiors they are reflected in. This show will run through July and August.  @cca_gallery

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